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Head & Neck Contractures

Understanding Head and Neck Contractures in Indore at Sushrut Clinic with Dr. Kucheria

At Sushrut Clinic in Indore, Dr. Kucheria specializes in treating Head and Neck Contractures in Indore. These conditions occur when the skin, muscles, or tissues in these areas tighten and shorten abnormally. Often, burn injuries, trauma, or scarring cause this condition. Consequently, contractures limit movement, cause pain, and affect your appearance, leading to difficulties with daily activities and emotional well-being. For comprehensive care, we also offer Head and Neck Surgery in Indore to address severe cases and restore function and appearance.

Causes of Head and Neck Contractures

– Burn Injuries: Severe burns to the face, neck, or scalp can cause significant scarring, eventually leading to contractures.
– Trauma: Injuries to the head and neck often result in scar tissue formation, causing the tissues to tighten.
– Scarring: Major scarring in the head and neck area can lead to contractures over time.

Head and Neck Contractures


Symptoms of Head and Neck Contractures

– Restricted Movement: You may have difficulty moving your head, neck, or mouth.
– Pain:You may feel discomfort or pain in the affected area.
– Appearance Changes: You may notice visible changes in appearance that affect your self-esteem.
– Daily Activity Challenges: You may struggle with activities like eating, speaking, and grooming.

Comprehensive Treatment at Sushrut Clinic

At Sushrut Clinic, Dr. Kucheria offers specialized treatment for neck contracture in Indore and head contracture in Indore through several methods:

– Physical Therapy: Regular stretching exercises and physical therapy significantly improve movement and reduce pain.
– Splinting: Using splints helps to keep the affected area stretched and prevents further tightening.
– Surgery: In severe cases, surgery may be necessary. This includes releasing the tight tissues, grafting new tissue, or reconstructing the affected areas to restore function and appearance.

Surgical Procedures

– Scar Release: We cut the scar tissue to release the tightness.
– Tissue Grafting: We take healthy tissue from another part of your body and graft it onto the affected area.
– Reconstruction: We use advanced techniques to restore the natural look and function of your face and neck.

Importance of Early Treatment

Treating neck contracture in Indore and head contracture in Indore early prevents the condition from worsening and, therefore, improves your quality of life. A comprehensive care plan involving plastic surgeons, physical therapists, and occupational therapists ensures the best outcomes.


If you have neck contracture in Indore or head contracture in Indore, trust Dr. Kucheria at Sushrut Clinic for expert care. Seek early and thorough treatment to significantly improve your movement, reduce pain, and restore your appearance, thereby enhancing your quality of life. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and start your journey toward recovery.