Mastopxy (Breast Reduction)

Breast Reduction


Reducing the size of the unduly large breast with correction of nipple position and direction also. The incisions are periareolar with vertical extention. Symptoms like back pain, neck pain, chest pain, deep brassiere straps can be improved.

3-5 hours.

Epidural or general anaesthesia

2-3 days

After Effect: Suction drains are kept for 2-3 days, ecchymosis, swelling, bruising and mild pain, numbness, changed or absent sensation around nipple and areola.

Risks: Infection, unevenbreast, changed nipple sensation.

Moving around : once out of anaesthesia
Return to work: 3-5 day
Pressure brassieres: 1-6 week
Fadding of scars: 6 months.

Duration of Results: Permanent