(Gynaecomastia) Male Breast Reduction

This common aesthetic concern results from an overgrowth of male breast tissue, leading to enlarged breasts. Many people ask what causes male gynecomastia, and the answer for you could include one or more factors, either temporary or permanent.

Male breast development is common during puberty as a temporary result of hormonal fluctuations. However, for a small percentage of men, the firm, raised, and fuller-looking breast tissue doesn’t diminish beyond their teens.

Weight gain may contribute to breast development for men due to fat deposits (lipomastia).

We often see a combination of factors for our Toronto gynecomastia patients, including lipomastia and glandular tissue.

Whatever the cause of male breasts, costs can be severe for self-esteem and social lives. Many guys avoid swimming, working out shirtless, and even intimate encounters because of embarrassment about their appearance.